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1904 McClellan Artillery Saddle

collage bridle bit

This is a model 1904 McClellan Artillery saddle, probably used in WWI. It is just like the cavalry saddle except it has D rings in the front and back, as well as metal stirrup irons. This saddle appears to be complete, original, and comes with original horsehair cinch. The artillery saddle was used on teams of horses (usually 3 teams) who pulled heavy artillery on and off the battlefield. The teams would drop the guns, then be moved to a place farther away from the battle (and noise), then rushed in and to remove the guns prior to the enemy getting their location. I have done a lot of research on the McClellan, and this saddle in particular. I believe it to be original except there may have once been leather ‘safes’ on the cinch rings to protect the side of the horse. The saddle is consistently aged with no newer, restored parts. The tree is solid but the saddle would have to be restored before being put into practical use (because of the age and dryness of the leather). I have gently cleaned and oiled the saddle, but it can use more oiling. The pics show some inconsistent coloration, but this is because of the oiling. There are letters on various parts of the saddle. Please see images. $600 plus shipping. ((girth included)

Original U. S. Artillery Bridle

This is an all-original US Artillery bridle with a hand-wrought 6 inch snaffle bit. Normal size for a horse bit is 5 inches, so this was probably used on a draft or draft/mule cross used to pull artillery, and is part of a harness (long-gone). It still has part of the reins attached. The snaffle bit is hand-wrought. This bridle came from a different source and may be much older than the 1904 Artillery saddle. The blinders have the original "US" conchos on them. I do believe both bridle, saddle, and horsehair girth (which came with the saddle) were used by the US Artillery, and are all original! These items are a great find for Re-enacters who wish to restore true to history. Bridle, $150.

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